About us

What can we say about us?

We are timely, contactable and combine a sense of humor with a sense of duty.

We are very eager to undertake complex projects, but we also see the need to create quick and simple websites.

We will also advise you on the best solutions when building an online store and make sure that you freely administer each website that we put in your hands.

Interactive agency


ComputerSoft interactive agency was established in Wrocław in 2007. From the beginning, our goal was to create websites that are functional, user-friendly, but also stand out with an interesting design.

We understand how much responsibility rests on the shoulders of the entrepreneur. Therefore, when designing websites or online stores, we always listen with the greatest attention to the needs and expectations of each of our customers. The websites we create are easy to use and contain all the necessary functionalities.

The ComputerSoft team consists of professionals for whom work is primarily a passion. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and skills. What’s more, our experience as well as commitment make us happy to take on any challenges. We like to look for non-obvious, but practical solutions. We carry out each task comprehensively.

Our interactive agency from Wroclaw specializes in creating websites based on WordPress and Modx, as well as stores based on PrestaShop. We not only build websites and online stores, but also create unique graphics and texts. What’s more, we will position your website to the very top of the search engine results.

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What we do

Our interactive agency ComputerSoft from Wroclaw creates websites and online stores that are functional, intuitive and easy to use.

We specialize in building websites based on WordPress and Modx.
However, we approach matters comprehensively!
We not only build online stores and websites, but also create unique graphics, unique texts and deal with positioning. All these activities are designed to put your website in the highest possible position in the search engine. What does this mean for you?
More traffic, more orders and better brand recognition.

Web Design Agency 

Internet shops

We will create an online store that is not only ideally suited to the needs of your customers, but which you will be able to manage yourself with ease.


We will build a website for you that is functional and easy to use, while delighting with its design and user-friendly.


We create product files/feeds for the needs of stores that would like to cooperate with product search engines and affiliate programs.

Why us?

First of all, our projects are unique. We create original websites that will attract your
customers with an attractive design, and intuitive and easy operation of the website
will make them want to stay on it longer.

Secondly, you can always count on us. Our cooperation begins with a conversation
during which we try to get to know your needs as best as possible. However, even
after creating an online store or website, our customers can always count on our

Thirdly, we say how it is. We will thoroughly explain to you all the actions that will
work best in your case, as well as answer any doubts. First of all, we are guided by
the good of the customer!

Fourthly, we like challenges. Custom design? We like such orders the most! Together
with you we will find the best solution for your business.


The success of any project depends on the quality of workmanship of all

the smaller
elements that make up it. We are fully aware of this and that is why we approach the
implementation of each task with the utmost care. What’s more, each solution is
thoroughly tested by us, which minimizes the risk of errors when using the website.


During several years of our activity, we have had the opportunity to cooperate

entrepreneurs from various industries. We have carried out projects for both smaller
businesses and large companies. They were connected with trade, industry, but also
with culture or education. We created websites designed for individual clients, as well
as those that had functionalities that were most tailored to business customers. The
experience gained over the years allows us to work more efficiently and meet the
expectations of our customers even better.


A characteristic feature of our industry is dynamically changing technology.

does that mean? The fact that we have to keep track of trends in the field of IT, SEO,
graphics or marketing. However, we not only have to, but above all we want to do it!
Work is our passion, and thanks to this we feel the need to constantly deepen both our knowledge and skills. What’s more, we are happy to share the information we
have gained and use it when creating non-standard projects that we are happy to undertake.


The measure of our work results is your satisfaction. We care about customer

satisfaction, and even exceeding your expectations. That is why we are strongly
involved in projects and in every smallest task that is part of them. The initial stage,
i.e. the conversation, is very important to us. We listen carefully to your opinions,
needs, and then together with you we discuss all possible solutions. Our customers
can count on us also after the end of cooperation.


Each project is implemented comprehensively. We pay the utmost attention to the

smallest details. What’s more, we will not only build a website or an online store for you, but also create original graphics, texts and position the website to the very top of the search engine! Not only website development, but also SEO and marketing have no secrets from us.

meet us


Our team consists of professional and committed people. We are passionate people who love their work. Despite the experience, we are still learning and gaining new knowledge and skills. We follow trends in the field of web design and building on an ongoing basis to always be able to fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers.