A popular open-source framework based on the PHP programming language allows you to significantly improve, and thus speed up, the process of creating applications.

Is Symfony for you?


Do you want to shorten the production time of your application?
Symfony contains many ready-made solutions that reduce the time that programmers need to create a complex web application.


Are you looking for a personalized solution?
This framework will work perfectly if your project requires an individual approach. Thanks to it, you
can create functionalities specially tailored to your needs.


Do you care about flexibility?
You can easily modify and develop existing code that is transparent, so it does not cause problems also for those programmers who were not involved in the project from the beginning. What’s
more, numerous libraries allow you to add many new functionalities.


Is your project more complicated?
Symfony is an ideal option for long-lasting, complex projects. The system allows you to make
extensive changes and many personalized functionalities.

What will you gain from Symfony?

Easy to fit

With Symfony you can create functionalities ideally suited to your specific needs. It is possible to extend the functions of existing code without modifying the basics.

Speed of action

Performance and speed of operation are the hallmarks of Symfony, which is one of the fastest frameworks based on PHP.


In Symfony you can make very extensive changes without the need to configure from scratch. The tool is extremely flexible, and parts of the code can be used in many places.

Support from a large community

The popularity of Symfony makes the community of developers who use this tool very large. So they are able to effectively share their knowledge, which speeds up the process of building applications.

Secure HTTPS

The data sent between the browser and the server is protected against hacker attacks by implementing SSL.

Protection against CSRF attacks

Unique tokens included in sent requests provide protection against cross-site request forgery attacks.

Protection against XSS attacks

Symfony protects against placing a malicious script that causes malware to be installed.

Protection against SQL Injections

The program protects databases from reading or modifications made by SQL Injections attacks.

Other services

A cloud services platform that is especially recommended to larger, constantly growing companies.

It is a solution for small and medium-sized companies, the assortment of which on virtual shelves will not exceed several thousand products.

It allows you to build a blog, a complex website and an online store.

A performance-oriented open-source PHP framework that streamlines the process of building applications.

Thanks to automation, integrations enable easy and efficient management of all processes.

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