One of the most popular e-commerce platforms. The intuitive and easy-to-use administration panel is just one of its numerous advantages. Find out why PrestaShop is such a frequently chosen option.

Is PrestaShop for you?


Looking for flexibility?
Thanks to additional modules, you have the opportunity to constantly expand the store, which
gives you full freedom. In addition, if you want to reach foreign customers, you can easily adjust
the currency and language.


Do you care about easy operation of the store?
PrestaShop has an extremely intuitive and easy to use administrator panel. Thanks to it, you are able to independently manage products and all processes related to order handling.


New to business?
Intuitive interface, ease of getting help thanks to numerous support groups functioning on Facebook and online forums, thousands of ready-made templates and low implementation costs make PrestaShop a great choice to start.


Is your company on a budget?
The cost of implementing an online store based on PrestaShop is an expense of several thousand zlotys – when a small interactive agency or freelancer deals with it. What’s more, the platform
helps to conduct marketing activities, which can work for people who do not want to use professional services at the start.

How to create a PrestaShop store?

1. Install the PrestaShop software.

2. Design your store.

3. Configure the store settings.

4. Activate your store.

What will you gain from PrestaShop?

Fast order handling

Thanks to the automation of many processes, PrestaShop is able to quickly and efficiently handle even large quantities of orders.

Customer base management

The system collects all the necessary information about the store's customers.

Various forms of shipping and payment

PrestaShop enables numerous integrations with many courier companies and payment methods.

Inventory management

With PrestaShop you can easily control the stock levels, which are constantly updated by the system.

Coordinating the actions of several stores at once

With one admin panel, you can easily manage more than one online store.

Simple service of foreign markets

PrestaShop allows you to match customer groups to a specific currency and language.

SEO optimization

PrestaShop allows you to create friendly URLs, categories, descriptions or running a blog, which improves the visibility of the store.

Sales analytics

PrestaShop provides access to various types of analyzes, summaries and reports.

Other services

A cloud services platform that is especially recommended to larger, constantly growing companies.

It allows you to build a blog, a complex website and an online store.

A framework thanks to which the process of creating applications is much faster.

A performance-oriented open-source PHP framework that streamlines the process of building applications.

Thanks to automation, integrations enable easy and efficient management of all processes.

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