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Internet shops

Earning 24 hours a day or gaining previously unavailable customers are just some of the many advantages of having an online store. However, in order for it to fulfill its role, it must be characterized by functionality and intuitive operation.
When designing an online store, we are always guided by your needs, the specifics
of a specific industry and the expectations of your customers. Only then can we be sure that we have done everything in our power to make your company a success.
The online stores we create are easy to manage, so you can make all the necessary modifications yourself, as well as add products, their descriptions, change prices or delivery options. We pay special attention to the behavior of customers in the network. Thanks to this, our online stores are extremely user-friendly, and this makes them much more willing to shop on them.


A website is an indispensable showcase of any company. What should a perfect website be like?

We know the answer to this question! Knowing your expectations and the needs of your recipients, we design a website that, after the first contact, impresses with its unique design, and intuitive navigation through all tabs creates positive impressions that affect the reception of your company.

We specialize in creating websites based on WordPress and Modx. Our actions are based on knowledge in the field of User Experience (UX), thanks to which you can be sure that your company will be perceived as professional and trustworthy. We build websites related to various industries – from construction, through medicine, to culture and education.


How often do you even look at the other page of search engine results? That is why the position of your website or online store is of colossal importance. The higher in the search engine, the greater the chances that potential customers will benefit from your offer.

Effective positioning of websites are activities that we deal with on a daily basis. We undertake SEO activities, which include, among others, optimizing the website code, creating redirects or linking.

Positioning of websites gives a long-lasting effect. This means that after the optimization activities are completed, the website will still remain high in the search engine results. Our SEO specialists are constantly expanding their knowledge and skills regarding website positioning. We position websites of service companies as well as online stores.


Do you run a business and want to create a strong brand? Or maybe you are planning a rebranding? Together, we will plan a strategy to make you successful. First of all, we will help you identify unique features and values that distinguish your company from the competition. It is with them that your customers will identify. We will also consider the direction in which the construction of the brand image can go.

Together with you, we will also create a visual identity and a company logo. Thoughtful graphics that combine with the brand’s ideology will help you stand out and affect the sense of attachment on the part of customers. As part of branding, we will also plan an appropriate strategy for communication with recipients. For this purpose, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of potential customers constituting your target group.

Google Ads campaigns

Are you looking for a way to quickly gain new customers? A Google Ads campaign may be the best option. Especially for you, we will design and implement an effective Google Ads advertising campaign. You will immediately increase your visibility on the web and your brand will become recognizable. Thanks to this, the chances of selling your products will increase significantly. Google Ads campaigns work especially well for new companies that are just entering the market.

Our interactive agency from Wroclaw conducts Google Ads campaigns in the search engine, in the Google Display Network or using You Tube. We also present products through Google Shopping.Our team consists of experienced specialists who, by wisely managing your budget, are able to achieve maximum profits at the lowest possible cost.