Do you care about building a professional image of your company? Do you want to distinguish yourself from the competition and at the same time create a recognizable brand?

Our interactive agency will plan the entire strategy, create a logo, name and all the necessary elements thanks to which your brand has a chance to take a strong position in its industry.

What is branding?

According to the definition, branding is the process of building a brand image. Thanks to branding, you are able to create the desired image, so customers will perceive your brand in the way you expect it. A well-guided branding process will make your company take a strong position in the industry, and at the same time become recognizable.

How do we deal with branding in our interactive agency?


We talk to you about your expectations, analyze the situation of your industry, profiles of potential customers, competition and the entire environment. Only then are we able to create the right strategy for your company.

Visual branding

We create a unique logo that will be remembered by potential customers. We also design a leading graphic theme, so we choose the right colors, shapes and other graphic elements. We want to build a coherent image characteristic of your company.

Establishing a strategy

After a deep analysis of the internal and external environment, we proceed to planning the activities that make up the branding strategy. Our goal is to create a distinctive, recognized and stable brand.


We carefully define communication channels and plan the best strategy so that your brand reaches those recipients you care about in particular.


We suggest a name that best reflects the nature of your company. It is important that it arouses interest, is easy to remember and sets you apart from the competition.

Promotion and development

We advise on the direction in which your company's marketing activities should go, so that it becomes recognizable and gains a group of regular customers.

What is rebranding?

Your company is not achieving its goals?
Your customers do not perceive your brand as you expect?
New market trends and competition prevent you from further development?

Bet on rebranding!

The purpose of rebranding is to strengthen the image, emphasize the advantages of the brand, give it new features, and sometimes blur unfavorable associations.

What can rebranding be about? The changes may include the logo, graphic layer, products, offer, name, target group or communication channels. Rebranding is also often associated with the modification of conducted marketing activities.

As part of the rebranding, our interactive agency will analyze the aspects that have led to the current situation of the brand, we will define the purpose of the rebranding, we will indicate the elements that need to be modified, and then we will set the direction of the rebranding.

We share knowledge

What will you gain?

Our interactive agency ComputerSoft from Wrocław has several years of experience in branding. You can also join the ranks of our satisfied customers!


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