Do you want to easily and quickly control all the processes that take place in your company? Take advantage of the integration! Thanks to them, you will automate activities and take care of efficient order handling.

Are baselinker and Subiekt GT integrations for you?


Do you care about simple handling of all orders?
Integrations will allow you to easily – in one place – comprehensively handle orders from online
stores and sales platforms.


Want to save time?
Thanks to integrations, you are able to automate most of the processes that take place in your online store. Thus, you can spend the saved time on other important issues.


Are you going to use multiple marketplace platforms?
With just a few clicks, you will be able to massively list and modify offers issued on various platforms such as Allegro or Amazon.


Do you want to minimize the risk of errors?
Thanks to integrations, you do not have to worry about errors that are associated with the manual creation of sales documentation.

What will you gain from Baselinker?

What will you gain from Subiekt GT?

Possibility of multiple integrations

As part of the system, the user gains access to many marketplace platforms, stores, accounting systems or courier companies.

Full document handling

The system independently handles all kinds of commercial and warehouse documents, including invoices.

Convenient operation

The ability to manage all orders from different sources with one system.

Keeping item files

Subiekt GT maintains files of products, services and returnable packaging with advanced price calculation, including currency prices.

Full control of stock levels

The system synchronizes the warehouse with sales channels. Offers are automatically closed in the event of unavailability of goods.

Keeping contractor files

The program stores all information about contractors, including CRM information.

Faster order fulfillment

Baselinker can independently change the status of the order, issue an invoice, print a label or send a package. Thanks to this, the order will reach the customer faster.

Payment support

Subiekt GT supports card payments, prepayments or credit sales. In addition, it cooperates with payment terminals from various operators.

Fast product import

You can add them manually, using a file, or by importing bids or listings.

Account management

The GT subject efficiently handles bank accounts, both PLN and currency, including activities related to deposit, withdrawal, transfer or commission fees.

Automatic customer information

The system itself takes care of sending appropriate e-mails with notifications to customers waiting for the shipment.


The GT subject prepares many different reports and analyses, as well as allows you to create your own statements.

Other services​

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