Amazon Web Services is a cloud services platform that delivers on-demand computing power, databases, storage, and other IT products. Cloud computing is one of the most developing

Is AWS is for you?


Is your online store focused on continuous development?
AWS is a perfect solution for stores that care about constant development and increasing sales
results. Expanding the assortment related to preparations for periods of increased sales may
burden the server.


Want to avoid server loads?
AWS services provide scalable computing power in the cloud, which allows you to create an architecture that is resistant to server loads – for example, during a sale.


Do you care about taking economical steps?
AWS is a great option for all companies that would like to reduce the cost of maintaining servers.


AWS is the most popular cloud in the world, offering a wide range of diverse services. Thanks to this, you will certainly find the perfect solutions for you.

How will the AWS implementation land?

1. Preparation and configuration of AWS cloud infrastructure.

2. Migrate data from the application to the cloud.

3. Optimization of database parameters.

What will you gain from AWS?


They do not require server maintenance or backup support. Thanks to AWS databases, there is no need to perform management tasks. AWS provides self-healing storage and auto-scaling.

Data security

AWS allows you to easily control information about who has access to data and where it is stored.

Machine Learning

Thanks to it, it is possible to automatically analyze large amounts of data, so you can quickly adjust the offer to current needs – based on the collected data. Through AWS you can create your own Machine Learning algorithm.

AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)

S3 is the memory where site data can be collected, making it much easier to calculate as you scale your page. Amazon S3 is market-leading scalability and performance.

Amazon EC2

It reduces the time it takes to run new server installations, so you can scale capacity quickly.

Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

A solution that allows you to copy, move or change settings while maintaining scalability.

Amazon Cloudfront

It shortens the time it takes to deliver content to the user.

Amazon RDS

It allows you to create, use and scale relational databases, thanks to which it is possible to efficiently place orders and send them.

Other services

It is a solution for small and medium-sized companies, the assortment of which on virtual shelves will not exceed several thousand products.

It allows you to build a blog, a complex website and an online store.

A framework thanks to which the process of creating applications is much faster.

A performance-oriented open-source PHP framework that streamlines the process of building applications.

Thanks to automation, integrations enable easy and efficient management of all processes.

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