Do you have questions related to positioning? For example, do you want to find out what SEO is, whether the positioning service is needed by your company and what to look for when signing a positioning contract?

You are in the right place to find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the field of SEO.

If you have additional questions about the positioning of websites and positioning of online stores, we are at your disposal at the phone number 663 311 637 or e-mail address info@computersoft.co.uk.

Positioning - what is it?

Positioning, also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), are activities that are designed to raise the position of a website (company website / online store / internet portal) in Google
search results. The higher the position of your website in the Google search engine for given queries (key phrases), the more people will enter it and get acquainted with its offer. More people visiting the website means an increase in demand for your goods and services and, as a result, an increase in sales and greater profit.

What will be included in the preparation by the SEO Strategy agency?

In cooperation with your company, we will develop a comprehensive solution in the field of
positioning, the so-called SEO strategy. It will be a detailed plan of actions that must be taken when creating a website and during its development, so that it appears in organic search results for queries entered into the search engine by your potential customers.

As part of the SEO strategy, we will prepare:

  • a list of keywords/phrases you want the website to be visible in Google
  • we will plan the content on the website in accordance with what Google puts emphasis on at a given time
  • we will create and publish valuable content on the website – e.g. on a blog or in another
    designated part of the website
  • we will build a database of external links from other sites that will lead to your website (backlinks)
  • we will take care of internal linking to make it easier for users and Google robots to navigate your website
  • we will optimize the architecture of the website – names of categories, products, tags and descriptions of photos to correspond to the appropriate phrases in the search engine
  • we will optimize the technical conditions of the website, m.in. we will reduce the loading time of the website and its usability and functionality (user experience – UX).

Key words/phrases - what are they and what are their types?

Keywords are words or phrases that you type into a search engine to find what you are
looking for. We distinguish short key phrases (1-3 words), e.g. “interactive agencies
Wrocław” and key phrases composed of more words (long tail), i.e. long-tail positioning, e.g. “interactive agencies Wrocław SEO”.

How many key words/phrases to design the website?

There is no clear answer as to how many key words/phrases should be positioned on the
website, because each page is different. The choice of the number of phrases should be approached with common sense. Important in this case is not only the specificity of the business, but also the activities of the competition and the queries entered by users into the search engine as well as the budget allocated for SEO.

It is assumed that small websites are positioned for several dozen phrases and large online stores for several hundred or several thousand phrases.
For customers with a limited budget, we offer to test a limited number of phrases (5-10) for selected priority products or services.


Is it possible to change the number of key words/phrases during the contract?

Changing the positioned phrases is possible, but under certain conditions. In advance, it should be agreed and planned over time and may affect the increase in the budget. This is due to the fact that each change of the phrase requires optimization activities in terms of page code, content and linking. It is also often associated with the creation of a new, dedicated subpage.

Can an SEO agency guarantee a specific place in the search engine?

On the Google Help Center page, you’ll read: “No one can guarantee your first Google ranking. Beware of SEOs who claim to guarantee rankings, have “special layouts with Google” or advertise “priority reporting” sites to Google, or advertise “priority reporting” sites to Google…” This means that only Google, through its robots and algorithms, decides where the website will be displayed in the search engine.

No SEO agency, interactive agency or marketing agency has such permissions, even if it has the best Google certificates. The agency can only improve search results based on Google’s
webmaster guidelines, but without a 100% guarantee that the item can be achieved.

How long does it take to see the effects of positioning?

Google doesn’t disclose specific factors that affect your site’s ranking. Therefore, it is impossible to precisely determine when the first positioning results will appear. You can wait for the first effects both a few weeks and several months, depending on:

  • the industry in which the company operates – high competition makes it difficult to conduct activities related to positioning
  • website ematics – pages with sensitive topics in the field of life, health, well-being,
    material and laundered status are more scrupulously verified by Google
  • the age of the website – positioning a new website to which you need to build trust is more difficult
  • page quality – Google appreciates sites with a high reputation, a very high level of trust
    and a lot of high-quality useful content.

For example, it can be said that it will take longer to optimize a new page with hundreds or a
thousand subpages. You need to optimize more page code, write more useful content, and get more valuable links. More in this case also means longer. After the work carried out by SEO specialists, Google robots that index the site begin to work. At the same time, further optimization activities are carried out. Their goal is to increase trust in the website as quickly
as possible, which translates into its ranking in Google.

Why choose ComputerSoft as your SEO agency?

We have extensive experience in conducting SEO activities (here you will find our references)
and we can safely tell you that there is no miraculous way to immediately be on the 1st position in Google. Positioning is a long-term process. It often takes up to a year to develop the assumed effects, the so-called key performance indicators (KPIs). However, it is worth being patient and waiting for the results. They will certainly give measurable effects in the form of increased traffic to your website, which will help you increase profits in the long run.

What else distinguishes us among SEO agencies? We operate systematically, comprehensively and our project team cooperates with you at every stage of operation. At the beginning of cooperation, we get to know you thoroughly, your brand, what you do and what you sell and who is your competition. Next, we will conduct a detailed SEO audit of
your website. In it, we will recommend the necessary changes to be introduced to the site in
the field of SEO. You will learn mi.in from the audit. what needs to be improved and what actions to take to make your website more friendly to Google robots and users, so that its
visibility and recognition on the Internet increase.

Who does SEO in the agency?

Our entire project team works for you on SEO. It consists of web designers, web developers, SEO and SEM specialists, website administrators, copywritters, product photographers, Internet marketing specialists, computer graphic designers and customer advisors who are in constant contact with you.

For what time is the contract for positioning concluded?

Due to the fact that measurable positioning effects appear only in the long term, and the process itself is very laborious and long-lasting, the contract for positioning the website /
online store is concluded for a minimum of 12 months. After this time, it is transformed into a contract concluded for an indefinite period with a 1-month notice period, with effect at the end of the calendar month.

How much does SEO cost?

The remuneration for positioning is in the form of a fixed subscription fee paid in advance
for a given month.
The fixed subscription fee includes remuneration for audit and website analytics as well as optimization activities carried out by web developers and copywritters.

Budget for positioning - what is it?

When making a decision about positioning, you must be aware that a subscription for SEO
may not be enough. It may turn out that you will have to take additional actions to support positioning. To carry them out, you need to allocate an additional budget for positioning.
Funds from this additional budget can be used m.in for: writing and publishing additional texts on your blog, paid advertising on the Internet or social media (Google Ads, FB Ads) or running your fanpage on facebook.

How will I know that SEO activities bring the expected results?

You will receive from us access to the automatic Position Monitoring System – Stat4Seo.
Every day, after logging in to Stat4Seo, you will be able to track how the position of your
website in Google changes to positioned phrases. Remember, however, that positioning is a long-term process, bringing results in the long run and do not worry when you do not immediately see the effects of our actions. Measurable effects can appear after a few weeks, months or even after a year of our hard work on SEO.

Will I receive a positioning report?

Every month you will receive permanent reports from us in the form of PDF checking the position of your website in Google. The data generated in the report can come from Google Analytics, Google Search Console or Stat4Seo. Thanks to these reports, you will have a constant insight into the effects of our activities. You will learn from them how the visibility of your website / online store in search results gradually increases and how organic traffic on your website improves.

In addition, whenever you need it, you will generate an SEO report in the form of FDF
yourself. In it, you will only specify which time frame it should apply to. All this you will do thanks to the access granted to you to the Position Monitoring System – Stat4Seo.
If you need more complex SEO analytics of your store or website, we are also able to prepare
it for you for an additional fee.

How to read a positioning report?

The Stat4Seo report clearly shows the user on which page in Google the positioned page for
a given phrase is displayed. All positioned phrases are listed in the “Positioned phrase” column. In this case, eight phrases are positioned: Wrocław crane, Lower Silesian mobile cranes, Wrocław mobile cranes, Wrocław cranes, Wrocław crane services, Wrocław crane rental, Wrocław mobile crane rental, Wrocław mobile crane rental, Wrocław mobile cranes.


To get a report on position monitoring in Google, you need to select the page whose position in Google you want to check and the year and month of positioning. The above check boxes are located on the right side of the window, directly above the table. The selection must be confirmed with the green “Show report” button. By default, the system always shows the current month of positioning service.

In the displayed table after the column “Positioned phrase”, on a gray background, the
numbers from 1 to 31 are displayed. These are individual days of the month. Under them
you can see the numbers. These are pages in Google that have been achieved thanks to positioning for individual phrases. For example:

When on January 13, 2022, the user entered the phrase “self-propelled cranes Wrocław” in the search engine, he was shown a positioned page on the first page of organic search results in Google. The current day of positioning in the report differs from the others in that the best and lowest performance of the website that was generated thanks to positioning is additionally indicated in terms of color. Scrin website monitoring was performed on January 13, 2022. On that day, the biggest increase was recorded by the phrase “mobile cranes Wrocław” (1 page in Google – item marked in green) and the largest decreases were recorded by the phrases “cranes Wrocław” and “crane services Wrocław” (a decrease to 5 and 6 pages in search results – items marked in red).

In the Panel, the user can check any month of positioning. For example, he can go back to the first month of positioning and compare the month to the month of statistics and assess
whether the service brings the desired results and whether the results of the website on the
positioned phrases are really improving. Below is scrin Monitoring positions for the same phrases, also from October, but a year earlier. It clearly shows that all seo activities undertaken bring the expected results in the form of an increase in the visibility of the positioned page in Google.


The panel also gives you the opportunity to  generate a report for any selected period of time. Just select the “PDF Reports” tab. It is located at the very top of the page, on a navy blue bar, in front of the “Customer Zone”. Then you need to choose the page whose POSITION MONITORING report you want to receive and set the time interval that interests you.

After clicking on the “Generate” button, we will see a link to the PDF report, which you will
need to download. To do this, you only need to click on it, and then save it to the desired place on your computer. When, for example, we choose that we want an SEO report for the last 12 months, we will receive a multi-page document in PDF with accurate monitoring of phrases for a given period of time. Below is a scrin from the first page of such a report.


What information do I need to provide to receive an offer?

To prepare an SEO offer, you will need to fill in the Free Quote Form. The information we will ask you for in the form may include, m.in: the address of your website or online store, the main products and services you want to promote, the scope of your company’s activity (local, global), the planned budget for website positioning, the expected period of cooperation. Among the additional information we may ask you for may be the names of companies or websites of competitors.

What access will I have to give to the SEO agency?

In order to be able to carry out SEO activities on the website, it is necessary to provide the agency with access to:

  • FTP server (page source files)
  • CMS panel (website management system)
  • Google tools:
    • Google Analytics (for the analysis of traffic statistics and user behavior on the website)
    • Google Search Console (to check the indexing status of the page and optimize its
    • Tag Manager (to track user behavior on the site).

If the SEO agency also deals with the construction of a website / online store, which in the future will be positioned, it usually sets up and administers the above-mentioned accesses on behalf of the Client.

What is not allowed to do to the website owner during SEO?

At a time when SEO activities are carried out by an SEO agency, the owner cannot take
independent actions in this area without prior consultation with the agency. Such arbitrary
actions can undermine the efforts of SEO specialists. In addition, if they do not comply with
the standards, Google may impose a filter on the page (so-called Google ban). A ban is a
penalty imposed on a website that consists in lowering its ranking. Such a penalized page will be displayed in distant positions in the Internet search engine.

What is internal linking?

Linking between blog articles, posts, or other content on the site creates a compact network of pages that Google users and robots can easily navigate. Properly made, it will allow you to reach from one place of the page to another in the shortest possible time.
Internal linking not only helps in the navigation of the page, but also determines the structure of the site and affects its power.

External links from well-known portals or services that will lead to your website are considered more valuable by Google. The more you manage to get such valuable inbound links, the more popular your website will be and will appear higher in Google search results.