One of the most popular systems in the world that allows you to create an original website, store, blog or application. It owes its popularity primarily to intuitive and simple operation.

Is WordPress for you?


Are you looking for an easy-to-use system?
WordPress is also a great choice for beginners who are just starting their adventure with the website.


Do you care about an inexpensive solution?
It is a free tool that has an extensive collection of free templates that can be freely used.


Want to easily manage multiple content?
With WordPress you can easily add and edit all kinds of content.


Do you care about flexibility?
WordPress offers the possibility of extending your website or store with further functionalities –
depending on your needs.

How to create a website with WordPress?

1. Install WordPress software.

2. Design your website.

3. Configure the settings.

4. Activate your website or online store.

What will you gain from WordPress?

User-friendly interface

WordPress is extremely user-friendly even for users who do not have any experience or knowledge in the field of IT.

Many possibilities of application

Based on WordPress, you can build not only a blog or website, but also an efficiently functioning online store.

Numerous customization options

It is possible to use thousands of different free templates and themes, thanks to which personalization of the website is even easier.

Large community

Due to the huge popularity, there is a very large group of people sharing their knowledge and experience in the field of using WordPress, which significantly speeds up solving possible problems.

Improved visibility

WordPress supports positioning, among others, through built-in functions such as tags and categories. Thanks to this, the chances of increasing the visibility of the website in the search engine increase.


Thanks to numerous plugins, it is possible to expand the website or online store with additional functionalities, depending on the needs and expectations of customers.

One admin panel

If you have both a website and a web store, thanks to WordPress you can easily manage them through one admin panel.


WordPress allows you to make multiple integrations. You can easily connect the website with services such as Allegro, Ceneo or courier companies.

Other services

A cloud services platform that is especially recommended to larger, constantly growing companies.

It is a solution for small and medium-sized companies, the assortment of which on virtual shelves will not exceed several thousand products.

A framework thanks to which the process of creating applications is much faster.

A performance-oriented open-source PHP framework that streamlines the process of building applications.

Thanks to automation, integrations enable easy and efficient management of all processes.

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