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According to the latest Gemius report, in 2020 73% of Poles declared shopping online. Running an online store has ceased to act as an add-on, and more and more often it is a necessity.

Our interactive agency from Wroclaw specializes in designing and creating online stores. We approach each project individually. We always try to find a solution that will be best suited to your needs. We want the online store to be friendly to both you and your customers.

Many years of experience, constantly deepened knowledge and great passion make our projects not only visually attractive, but also functional and easy to use. Build an online store with us, thanks to which you will be successful!

How the process of creating an online store in our interactive agency looks like?

We discuss your needs and expectations

We want online sales to be a source of satisfaction for you. That is why conversation is so important to us. We want to get to know your needs and expectations as best as possible regarding the functionality and appearance of the online store. We put emphasis on making it stand out from the competition with interesting design and exceptional usability.

We optimize for mobile devices

We attach great importance to adapting the online store to display on mobile phones. Too small clickable elements, inconvenient navigation, crumbling text ... Even for a patient customer, this will certainly cause irritation. It is worth remembering that already a huge part of people use a smartphone to make purchases, and in the near future there will be even more such customers – as indicated by the analysis of trends in e-commerce.

When designing, we are guided by User Experience (UX)

A good UX will make the customer want to stay on the site longer. Knowing your goals, competition, as well as customer profiles, we will apply appropriate ecommerce solutions. Thanks to this, shopping in your online store will be a pure pleasure for customers.

We carry out the necessary optimization activities

We take actions that make your online store not only user-friendly, but also userfriendly for search engine robots. Store optimization will allow you to gain new customers, and thus increase sales and generate more profit.

We create a functional and tailored to the needs of the online store

We can create a store for you based on the PrestaShop or WooCommerce engine. Both sales platforms are comprehensive, secure and easy to use. Together we will discuss their features and then match the best solution for you.

We improve sales activities using the BaseLinker system

We will offer you a solution thanks to which you can easily manage various sales channels from one place. The BaseLinker system enables integration with such services as Allegro, Amazon or eBay, as well as with courier companies or accounting. Thanks to it, you will improve the sales process and reduce the risk of errors.

What you will gain by running an online store?

The store earns 24 hours a day

When the brick-and-mortar store is already closed, you still earn. What’s more, you are not banned from trading on Sundays and holidays. Your customers can shop not only at any time, but also from anywhere. The speed and convenience of buying is now a priority.

You get previously unavailable customers

An online store will allow you to reach a much larger group of recipients than in the case of a stationary store. Nothing stands in the way of your products becoming popular at the other end of the country or even further.

Reach an interested audience

Selling via the Internet allows for territorially unlimited advertising. Remember that advertising offers from Google Ads are the most effective way to reach interested people. Thus, you have a good chance that your store will be visited by many potential customers.

On the network cheaper than stationary

An undoubted advantage is the reduction of costs. You can give up maintaining some stationary points of sale, or even completely switch to e-commerce. What’s more, you can use the store’s area as a component or production part. You also do not pay for renting the premises.
If you are still wondering whether it is worth setting up an online store, read more about the benefits of running it.

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