Sell with WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin

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Are you wondering what platform to reach for when building an online store, when you are just starting your adventure with online business? The answer may surprise some, after WordPress. It is not only suitable for running a blog. With the WooCommerce extension, novice entrepreneurs can start selling quickly. It is a platform not only easy to use, but also attractive in terms of price.

Who is woocommerce for?


For small businesses and startups

This easy-to-use e-Commerce platform for various industries has all the relevant functionalities for the online store, including orders, various payment methods and shipping methods, and order statistics.


For companies with a limited budget

If you are just starting your online sales, you do not have to immediately use very expensive e-Commerce platforms. WooCommerce will allow you to start online sales without incurring unnecessary costs.


For developers

Thanks to the open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress, you will be able to freely modify the project to suit the needs of your clients. This will allow you to individualize the sales page and distinguish it from others on the web.

Why choose woocommerce?

The best proof of how the sales platform works are the reactions of users. In 2019, WordPress held about 60% of the entire CMS platform market share. In addition, the WooCommerce plugin belongs to the top downloads (2.05%) and this number is systematically increasing.


Simple setup

A simple configuration of a store based on WooCommerce is a fact. Literally in a few steps we will configure a new store using the configuration wizard.


Adaptation to your needs

WooCommerce is open source software. It allows you to look at the store code and modify it according to your needs.


Simple integrations

Plugins for WooCommerce allow for simple integration with the platform of payment systems ( PayU, Dotpay, Przelewy24), shipping (eg: DHL, Poczta Polska, Paczkomaty, inPost) and accounting services.


Automated shipping

You can easily set up shipping to any place in Poland and in the world. When your customer places an order, the system will forward the information to the selected forwarding system. Everything will take place in an automated and maintenance-free way.


Order statistics

WooCommerce extensions allow you to create a huge amount of various statistics. Thanks to them, you will keep track of sales and draw appropriate conclusions.

przyjazne SEO


WooCommerce is ideal for positioning. It has friendly URLs, complies with SEO standards, and has a logical page structure.


Quick e-mail contact

Thanks to WooCommerce, you can easily create responsive emails. You will also schedule their automatic shipment.



WooCommerce has a built-in module that supports the SSL encryption protocol. In addition, the ability to view the source code of the site allows you to analyze threats and quickly respond to their occurrence.



The WooCommerce sales platform allows you to transfer the shipping process to the seller. The role of the online store in this model boils down to collecting orders and sending them to the supplier who carries out the shipment to the customer.



Themes for WooCommerce are responsive, which is why your online store will look good not only on your computer, but also on your tablet and smartphone.


Huge community

In case of problems, you will find thousands of guides, instructions and tutorials created by the huge WordPress community on the Internet. When this does not help, there is a large group of developers and interactive agencies that deal with it professionally.

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