Google ADS Campaigns

Google Ads Campaigns

Do you want to create an advertisement that will precisely reach recipients who are really interested in your offer? A properly planned Google Ads campaign will allow you to quickly increase sales and at the same time affect the recognition of your brand.

What is Google Ads?

It is a Google advertising system that allows you to display ads in the Google search engine results, on websites or on the YouTube platform. Google Ads allows you to broadcast ads tailored to specific groups of recipients.

How much does Google Ads advertising cost?

There is no minimum or maximum amount that can be spent on this type of campaign. The costs of the Goggle Ads campaign are primarily related to the specific goal you want to achieve. If you run a small business, you can notice the effects with a small budget. Our interactive agency pays great attention to precise strategy setting and clear goals, thanks to which you will get measurable benefits while reducing costs.

How does our interactive agency prepare Google Ads campaigns?

We define the goal of the Google Ads campaign

We talk about the current situation of the company and the entire industry, and then together we define the goal of the planned Google AdWords campaign. It is important that this goal is specific and measurable. It can be increasing the level of sales or generating leads.

We plan the structure of the Google Ads campaign

We define ad groups, budget, target audience location, and view schedule. We act in such a way as to increase the likelihood that the Google Ads campaign will reach the desired audience.

We analyze the target group

We carefully research the profiles of the target audience. We analyze the behavior of potential customers to learn about their preferences and expectations. Thanks to this, we are able to create a Google Ads campaign that is fully tailored to the needs of your company.

We create advertising

Taking into account the preferences and interests of the target group, we create attractive Google Ads ads that effectively encourage people to take advantage of the offer.

We choose the right key phrases

When creating an AdWords campaign, we perform keyword research and then select words that will allow users to find your products or services on the Internet. We select keywords that are best suited to the nature of your company.

We monitor the effects

We measure conversions generated by the Google Ads campaign on an ongoing basis. Analyzing the effects and comparing them with the intended goals allows us to maximize the potential of Google Ads campaigns.

We share knowledge

What will you gain from the Google Ads campaign?

Our interactive agency ComputerSoft from Wrocław has extensive experience in creating Google Ads campaigns. You can also join the ranks of our satisfied customers!


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