How to add a messenger chat on the website?

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Quick communication with your customers using the most popular social network, i.e. Facebook, is currently one of the most popular solutions of this type. Messenger Customer Chat offers a lot of possibilities and simplicity of operation. How do I install Messenger on a website? You will find out in the next steps.

Do I need to have a fanpage to use messanger chat?

Yes. Facebook requires us to have our FanPage. However, this gives us many benefits, because physically customers contact our Facebook page. This will keep contacts with everyone.

How do I install Messenger Chat on my website?          

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and select “Business Page”
  1. Go to the “Settings” tab
  1. Find the “Add Messenger to Your Website” button. Press “Get Started”. A code is
  1. In the “Advanced Message Settings” tab, add your website to the “Whitelist”

At this stage, we can say that we are halfway there. We have a Messenger Chat code and are whitelisted. On the Facebook side, everything has been done, and now it’s time to install our plugin on the website.

How to install messanger in wordpress?

If we use WordPress CMS, the shortest possible way is ahead of us. We download the Messenger Customer Chat plugin, which of course is completely free. We don’t have to be programmers and webmasters to deal with its configuration. The whole thing boils down to supplementing a few windows with a ready-made dosten module to download.

How to add a messenger to the website via google tag manager?

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that will allow us to launch Facebook Chat on virtually any website. The solution is only seemingly a bit more difficult, but it also comes down to a few simple steps.

Step 1: We paste the generated Facebook code in the form of a Tag in the code of our website or send it to the programmer who created our website

Step 2: We replace the values of several parameters:

page_id – a unique ID assigned to the Fanpage

theme_color – selected facebook chat main color on the page

logged_in_greeting – selected welcome message for users who are logged in to Messenger

logged_out_greeting – set a welcome message for users who are not logged in to

Where can I find my id number?

The ID number assigned to your Fanpage can be found in the “information” tab:

Messenger chat on the website – the most important benefits of the messenger

– no fee for use

– conversation with
(usually) real Facebook users

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