The Alminas architectural studio creates interior designs, the arrangement of which is to give the household relief and respite after a long day. Architects pay a lot of attention to details that, although they may be invisible at first glance, in fact have a big impact on the well-being of residents and guests.

Project objective

When designing the website, we wanted to best reflect the character of Alminas. We wanted to create a website that is simple, functional, but at the same time catches the eye with its original design.

Our role

We have created a website that is transparent and draws attention with original graphics. On the main page, we have shown the projects carried out by the architectural studio so far, which show the aesthetics and style of the founders of Alminas.


Diagnosis and tests

We conducted a detailed interview, which allowed us to get to know the expectations and needs of our client. It was particularly important for us to understand the nature of the company, which we wanted to convey as best as possible through our project.

Model low fidelity

After collecting all the necessary information, we proceeded to create a low fidelity mock-up. We proposed a simple, clear layout of the page, where the main role will be played by graphics.

Model high fidelity and animation

In the header, we used delicate animating solids and shapes that flow slowly and together with pastel colors create an impression of peace, tranquility and harmony. The graphics attract attention but at the same time are not imposing.


We checked the site for failure and proper functioning. Thanks to this, we made sure that the site is completely error-free.


We have created a unique website that captivates with its simplicity, and its original appearance remains in the memory of users for longer.

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