Andrino is a company engaged in the production and sale of TVs and smartphones. The company provides high-quality components from recognized brands. Users have access to the original Google Play Store and the latest updates. Andrino emphasizes the importance of the Google Assistant in its products as a sign of innovation and convenience for users.

Project objective

The priority of the project was a clear and attractive presentation of Andrino products. The website was to be modern, representing the company's values. Graphic materials together with the content were to create an attractive composition.

Our role

We have designed a website that is distinguished by an original, eye-catching design. The animations created by us encourage a potential customer of Andrino to purchase specific products. The site is transparent, and the content placed on it provides users with the most important information.


Diagnosis and tests

Before we started designing, we collected information from the client regarding his expectations and concerns about the new website. We examined the topic in terms of competition analysis and optimal solutions that we could implement.

Model low fidelity

After collecting the conclusions from the previous stages, we proceeded to the study. In accordance with the client's guidelines and our observations, we have proposed a simple website layout in which product photos and slogans will dominate.

Model high fidelity and animations

The next stage was to refine the mock-up. We offered an attractive and modern dark mode. The website was complemented by animations, e.g. on the TV and interactions taking place during scrolling. On one of the subpages, it is also possible to move the pointer, thanks to which the user can compare the quality of images on different Tvs.


In order to make sure that the website we have created works properly, we have tested it for failure. Thanks to this, our client has gained confidence in its reliability. At the very end, we completed the content and refined all the details, and then launched a new website.


We received a modern, attractive website. See page here:

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