A company with 20 years of experience dealing comprehensively with the education of children and youth. First of all, it offers language classes, but it also offers other types of educational projects, such as robotics lessons.

Project objective

Our priority was to create a clear website that not only presents the offer, but also allows users to create an account and access a special student zone.

Our role

We have created a platform where students can register and then log in to a special zone related to the language course they are a participant in. The website also allows you to take a free language test, send an inquiry via the form or subscribe to the newsletter.


Diagnosis and tests

We conducted a detailed interview, which allowed us to get to know the expectations and needs of our client. On their basis, we started the design process.

Model low fidelity

After collecting all the conclusions, we proceeded to develop a low fidelity mock-up. We wanted the website to be as transparent as possible. We decided to divide into several categories and specify the most important elements, such as the ability to log in to the student's account or the option to sign up for the course.

Model high fidelity

At this stage, we took care of the graphic design and refined all the details. We have enriched our project with colors, logos, graphics and other content, so that they create a coherent whole.


The site has been checked by us for proper operation. We checked the correctness of submitting forms and the operation of the student zone.


The home page is clear and the navigation is very intuitive. The new website allows you to create an account, thanks to which the user gains access to the student's zone. What's more, through the website he can fill out a language test or send an inquiry form.

See page: edwings.pl

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