Dutch Selectory is an online store operating in the affiliate system, which offers a wide selection of furniture and accessories for the home and garden. The offer includes several thousand products from many different companies that have joined the project.

Project objective

We wanted Selektoria customers to be able to easily and quickly purchase all the products they need to create a unique interior or garden arrangement in one place. The priority was to build an intuitive and transparent website that would be easy to manage and at the same time ensure efficient handling of many orders.

Our role

Guided by the specific needs of our client, we have created an extensive, but at the same time intuitive search engine that allows you to quickly find matching (out of several thousand) products. At the same time, we took care of the integration of the store with the warehouse and commercial system, which ensures easy introduction of modifications and efficient order management. We based our activities on the PrestaShop system, which allowed us to introduce all the necessary functionalities.


Diagnosis and tests

Creating a store operating in the affiliate system required us to conduct a very detailed interview with the customer. During the conversation, we collected information related to expectations, but also concerns about the new store. We analyzed the use of innovative solutions so that such an extensive search engine could efficiently handle orders, and the entire website worked quickly and was as intuitive as possible.

Model low fidelity

After collecting all the conclusions, we proceeded to develop a low fidelity mock-up. When creating it, we had in mind the huge amount of products that will be in the online store. We designed a website that was supposed to be transparent above all.

Model high fidelity

At this stage, we took care of the graphic design and refined all the details. We have also highlighted the most important elements, such as the section of products covered by the promotion.


The website has been checked by us for proper operation, which in the case of an extensive online store is very important. We have made sure that the entire process of placing an order, as well as moving around the product cards, is free from errors.


The main page is clear and the navigation is very intuitive, which is especially important with such an extensive offer based on the affiliate system. We have highlighted articles that are covered by temporary promotion. All products have been divided into categories. In addition, the customer has the opportunity to use many useful filters, which is invaluable with such a wide assortment.

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