Strauss Capelle Vienna

Our client was a famous orchestra with almost 200 years of history. Performing in original historical costumes, Strauss Capelle Vienna plays Strauss's music not only in Vienna, but also during concert tours. The audience can always be sure that they will experience an amazing experience at the highest world level.

Project objective

In this case, our priority was the multimedia of the website, allowing for the best presentation of the activities and performances of the Viennese orchestra.

Our role

We have designed a clear and modern website, referring to the tradition of the orchestra. The site represents the most important information, news, users have the opportunity to check the calendar and watch videos of performances. We wanted to ensure intuitiveness in navigating the site by users.


Diagnosis and tests

The design was preceded by thorough conversations with the client and writing down his expectations. We got acquainted with the characteristics of the orchestra and analyzed the solutions used by the competition.

Model low fidelity

After collecting the conclusions from the research, we proceeded to develop an information architecture, a low-fidelity mock-up. When working on the new layout, we had in mind the large range of film and sound material of our client. We decided on a simple onepage layout that allows for smooth and intuitive navigation.

Model high fidelity

Tested in terms of expectations, broadly understood availability and usability, the low fidelity mock-up began to turn into an increasingly refined version. Properly selected colors, typography, content layout built together the impression of elegance.


One of the last stages is testing - necessary to avoid errors and unforeseen situations related to use. We checked the operation of the site, then supplemented it with the missing materials.


The main page opens with a video header, which in a loop presents snapshots from concerts. The media tab contains 4 subpages leading to photo, video and audio materials, which can be listened to online, as well as to the download subpage with press materials.

See the page here:

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