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We were approached by an online store offering a wide selection of accessories for work, as well as workwear designed both for performing ordinary activities and those more risky that require specialized clothing.

Project objective

We wanted to create a clear website that provides quick and pleasant shopping. Due to the large number of products, we wanted our customer to be able to easily and efficiently manage all orders, as well as independently modify the information related to the offer.

Our role

We have built an online store that, despite the extensive offer, allows you to easily find specific products. We have done this by creating categories and subcategories, as well as filters that significantly speed up the search.


Diagnosis and tests

We conducted a detailed interview, which allowed us to get to know the expectations and needs of our client. On their basis, we started designing.

Model low fidelity

After we have gathered all the necessary information, we proceeded to create a low fidelity mock-up. Our proposal was a clear home page with several main categories and subcategories. Extensive product categories located in the navigation bar at the top of the page allow you to search products efficiently and precisely. Search by the search engine has been improved by hints in the form of thumbnails of products and matching categories.

Model high fidelity and animation

In the next stage, we clarified the template by adding more functionalities and making decisions about colors and typography.

We have also provided a place for a slider, thanks to which you can post promotions or thematic offers.

The store has been integrated with opinions from the website, which are visible after nailing over the tab on the side of the page and with opinions from Allegro, which scroll carousel under the section with the best deals.

On the product card there is a module informing what amount is missing for free shipping. When you add a product to your cart, you'll see suggestions for other products. The purchase path has been designed so that the customer can finalize the purchase as soon as possible, which minimizes the risk of abandoning the cart. When FV is selected, data to FV is downloaded automatically.


The next important step was to check the website for errors. We made sure that the ordering process works flawlessly.

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