Positioning of e-stores

Do you want to gain new customers?
We will improve the visibility of your online store and bring it to the top of the browser.

The advantages of positioning an online store

Increased store visibility in organic results.
More store visits.
Reach more users.
Competitive advantage.
Increasing brand popularity.
Building trust in the company.
Business development.
■ Increased sales profits.

How does our interactive agency deal with the positioning of the online store?

We create a transparent structure of the e-shop.
We make sure that the structure of your store is intuitive and clear. At the same time, we pay attention to the proper structure of Hx headers, which makes it easier for users and search engine robots.

We care about unique content.
We make sure that the descriptions of products, categories and other content are original and contain the necessary keywords and phrases. What’s more, we can create this kind of content for you – from product descriptions to blog articles.

We focus on proper linking.
We pay attention to creating correct external and internal links, which help the search engine robots penetrate the website, which ultimately translates into positioning.

We focus on understandable URLs.
We take a closer look at the addresses of categories, subcategories and websites with products. They must be friendly, and even better if they are enriched with keywords.

Why is it worth choosing our agency as a support in online store positioning?

We have many years of experience in the field of positioning. We perfectly understand that this is a long-term process and the effects should be waited for. However, thanks to our systematic actions and a comprehensive approach, the end result is increased traffic in your online store, which means higher sales profits.

Do you have more questions about online store positioning services?
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