UX design

Do you want customers to come back to you?
We will use techniques thanks to which your website or online store will make a positive impression on them.

What is important that we design based on UX?

Too small clickable elements, scattered content or too many windows that you have to go through in order to place an order are just a few examples of how to effectively discourage a potential customer from visiting your company. We, on the other hand, create websites and online stores that are extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

Advantages of using good User Experience (UX) practices

Easy and quick product search.
Intuitive site navigation.
Simple path to purchase and checkout.
Facilities for the blind and visually impaired.
Taking into account the needs of people unfamiliar with the network.
■ … and above all, creating a positive impression that will make the customer remember your store and want to come back to it!

How does our interactive agency work in the field of UX?

We analyze.
Competition, goals, opportunities, limitations and customer profiles. We collect information that helps us put ourselves in the role of a potential user of your website. Thanks to this, we know his behavior and expectations.

We create logical and transparent purchasing paths.
We want to lead your client by the hand in such a way that he stays on the website as long as possible and achieves his goals. Properly arranged categories, good-quality photos, marked with a color of discounts and a perfectly displayed button for adding a product to the cart are just some of the aspects that we approach with special care.

We focus on intuitiveness.
An extremely important aspect is the content architecture, which should enable the customer to easily find products. We try to make navigating your website as enjoyable as possible.

We take care of the attractive appearance of the website.
The appearance of your website evokes specific emotions in the user. We pay special attention to its transparency, so that it is as legible as possible.

Do you have more questions about UX design?
Contact us and we’ll be happy to talk to you.