What are SEO agencies?

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When looking for information on how to increase traffic to your website, you have certainly come across offers from SEO agencies. Are you wondering what an SEO agency is and what it does? We’ll explain to you how SEO agencies help businesses around the world increase their sales.

Definition of a SEO agency

Let’s start by deciphering the SEO abbreviation. Behind it is Search Engine Optimization, i.e. the process of optimizing a website for the search engine. The purpose of such optimization is to increase visibility and thus traffic on a given website or online store. We can distinguish on-page and off-page activities.

The first of them consist in creating content that is friendly to search engine robots, as well as taking care of the SSL certificate. Off-page, on the other hand, means activities undertaken outside the site area, such as building a database of links leading to your website.

SEO and SEM – diffrences

When looking for information about SEO, you have certainly been able to see the abbreviation SEM more than once. What are the differences between SEM and SEO? SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, so it is search engine marketing. SEM includes all kinds of promotional activities, such as sponsored link campaigns, but also website optimization or positioning. It is sometimes assumed that SEO and SEM are interchangeable names.

However, SEM is a much broader term. It covers all activities related to search engine marketing, while SEO mostly focuses on optimizing the site. The SEO agency SEM offers additional services consisting in creating paid campaigns in the Google search engine (PPC- Pay Per Click). You can specify that SEM = SEO + PPC. However, it should be remembered that also companies presenting themselves as SEO agencies may offer the implementation of PPC campaigns – as an additional service.

What does an SEO agency do?

Basic services

  • Audit SEO

During the audit, the current situation of the website is analyzed. An SEO audit indicates errors, as well as areas of risk that need to be taken into account when conducting website optimization. Such an analysis should be very detailed. It must also provide information on which errors should be excluded at the outset and which are less significant and can be addressed second. When conducting the analysis, aspects such as URLs, linking, correctness of SEO texts, selection of keywords, speed of loading the website or adaptation of the website to mobile devices are checked. At the end, a summary report is created, which contains guidelines for the optimization and development of the website.

  • Website optimization

The concept of optimization covers a number of actions that are taken to make the search engine consider our website valuable and useful. It is extremely important to carry out the necessary modifications to the design of the website to make the site simple and friendly to the robots of the search engine. As part of optimization, activities such as analysis of key phrases, internal linking, content optimization, setting meta data or ensuring fast loading of the website are carried out.

  • Content optimization

Optimizing texts for SEO consists in placing such content that is valuable not only for the client, but also for search engine robots. It is extremely important to choose the right words and key phrases, thanks to which we increase the chances that a potential customer will come to our offer and make a purchase. Specialists from SEO agencies choose the right number of keywords – if there are too many of them in the text, the search engine may consider the description or article as spam. When creating SEO texts, it is also important to enter appropriate titles and headings that will be consistent with the content posted. SEO texts must be unique, so you must not copy them from other websites.

  • Link buidling

Links can be divided into external and internal. Internal links help the search engine and users navigate the website. However, external links (leading to our website) are placed on other websites. Very often, in addition to the link itself, a description recommending the company is also placed – this type of activity can often be seen on Online forums or blogs. It is extremely important that websites on which external links are placed are valuable. What does that mean? These sites must be thematically similar to our website and should enjoy the authority of Google.

Additional services

  • Advertising campaigns

SEO agencies can also offer additional services. These are marketing activities that improve the visibility of the website. These include any paid advertising campaigns, such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads. Specialists from SEO agencies know perfectly well how to create ads and how to manage them to increase traffic to the website or online store. One of the most important issues is to choose the right target group. Ads should show to users who are potentially interested in our products or services.

What is the purpose of SEO agency activities?

SEO agencies carry out a number of activities that are supposed to make our website jump to a higher place in the search engine. Appearing on the first page of Google results significantly increases the chances that potential customers will choose our online store or website. Better visibility means increased traffic, which in turn leads to greater profits from sales. Optimization and positioning of the website make our brand more recognizable and at the same time enjoy greater trust.

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