What does cooperation with an SEO agency look like?

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Are you thinking about using the services of an SEO agency? But you don’t know what to expect? See when it is worth choosing services in the field of optimization and positioning of websites and learn about the stages of cooperation with an SEO agency.

When to decide to cooperate with an SEO agency? 

  • When your website is new

It is worth building a strong position of the store or website from the very beginning. Thanks to this, you are able to achieve the desired results faster, and your company will gain the first customers faster.

  • When you have low traffic to a website

High traffic to the website means an increase in sales, which translates into greater profits. Thanks to SEO, the site is better visible on the web. This means that more potential customers visit your online store or website.

  • When the position of your website has dropped

It happens that the position of a website suddenly occupies lower places in the search engine results. The SEO agency will conduct an audit that will analyze the condition of the website and help eliminate any errors.

  • When you want to grow

No matter what the current situation of your website or online store is, the SEO agency will match the right offer to your needs. Thanks to this, your company will consolidate its position on the market, which is the best way to become one of the leaders in your industry in the future.

What does cooperation with an SEO agency look like?

Determination of website positioning goals

You have managed to find a proven SEO agency. Wondering what’s next? The first and at the same time extremely important stage of cooperation with the agency is ahead of you. It is a conversation about the situation of the company and your expectations regarding the website. It is very important to determine the goals of the activities to be met by means of positioning. Thanks to this, the SEO agency will be able to precisely plan a strategy that has a chance to prove effective. What’s more, setting a goal makes it easier to control the results obtained and react when the results begin to deviate from the assumed expectations.

Analysis of the current situation of the website

Before we determine the strategy of activities together with the SEO agency, it is necessary to analyze the current situation of our website. Specialists from SEO agencies will check what activities have been carried out so far, how the website presents itself in terms of loading speed, which content needs to be improved and what other aspects require changes. The SEO agency will also analyze the situation of the industry in which we operate and the competition of our company. Only then do the activities of SEO agencies have a chance to achieve the assumed effects.

Establishing an SEO strategy and implementing actions

After defining the positioning goals and analyzing the situation of the website, the next step is to jointly determine the strategy that will help achieve the assumed results. An SEO agency can offer activities such as website optimization, selection of appropriate key phrases, obtaining links to the website or, for example, creating or modifying content.

Effects reporting

An SEO agency may send reports on the activities carried out in a given period and the effects achieved on a given monthly, quarterly or in accordance with individual arrangements. It is good to keep these types of SEO reports to yourself, so that you will be able to assess the results over a longer period of cooperation. Analyzing SEO reports also helps in making the most important decisions related to the positioning of the company on Google.

An SEO report usually includes:

• analysis of user interaction on the website,
• positioned keywords,
• linking analysis,
• content analysis,
• analysis of the website code,
• information on the behavior of the website in the search engine,
• errors on the website,
• eking the website.

What access does an SEO agency need?

The SEO agency will also ask you for the necessary access to specific systems.

  • Google Search Console

A tool that allows you to check the indexing status of a website, as well as optimize its visibility. Google Search Console indicates errors, the number of links that lead to the page, and many other relevant information.

  • Google Analytics

Thanks to this tool, it is possible to conduct a thorough analysis of website traffic as well as user behavior. Google Analytics also allows you to check historical data and then compare it with current ones, which is extremely useful when analyzing the effects of implemented activities.

  • Access to the admin panel

Access to the CMS panel allows the SEO agency to edit the content for positioning. Product descriptions, blog texts, meta tags and any other content on the website may be modified.

  • Access to task management tools

SEO agencies can also ask for access to task management tools such as Jira or Slack. This is to work closely with the client in the area of on-site changes.

  • Google Tag Manager

A tool that allows you to observe the user’s interaction with the website. On this basis, information is sent to Google Analytics or other systems. Google Tag Manager allows you to analyze the behavior of potential customers.

Trust and work with an SEO agency

Achieving your goals requires commitment – not only from the SEO agency, but also from yours. How can you contribute to satisfactory results? First of all, trust the specialists with whom you cooperate. It happens that customers do not respond to emails and phone calls from SEO agencies for a long time, which results in the fact that it becomes impossible to quickly implement the required actions, which can significantly delay the achievement of the assumed goals. Also, remember not to make any changes to the website without consulting the agency. Although it may seem to us that these are only minor, meaningless cosmetic corrections, they can negatively affect the positioning of your website.

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